International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


STEP-NC(ISO 14649), the extension of STEP(ISO 10303) standard developed for CNC controllers, is a feature-based data model. STEP-NC develops the step neutral data standard for CAD data, and uses the modern geometric constructs to define device independent tool paths, and CAM independent volume removal features. This paper will present an automatic setup planning module integrated in a CAPP system for rotational parts to be machined on a lathe. The developed system will determine the possible setup combinations that are necessary for a complete machining of the part. The applied methodology will take into consideration constraints such as the geometry of both the stock and the final part, the geometry and the capacity of the chuck, and the part tolerances. Finally, the analysis of tolerances charts will be implemented for the sets of surfaces to be machined within each setup. The output can be then used to augment the STEP-NC physical file.





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