International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Automobiles prove to be the heart of locomotion. Even after decades of this industry appearance, one issue which was never solved is the avoidance of flat tyres. A long drive might be a soothing one to the heart but a flat tyre on such a drive collapses everything. Even a flat tyre on the way to the office may cause the day sick. There is no way out but to call a mechanic or in case of barren roads, change the tyre ourselves. Present day methods for changing the tyre requires a lot of mechanical power which may prove to be difficult for the weak and old people. To overcome this problem, an automatic engine operated screw jack is designed which outweighs the pneumatic and electrical automatic system in various aspects like reliability, maintenance, cost etc. This device uses only the engine power to lift the car in any terrain and altitude. An engine was selected for this purpose to work on and its characteristics were studied. Based on the result it proves that the device will be a success upon installation on any type of vehicle. Even heavy duty vehicles like trucks, lorry, and buses can be lifted at a very minimal cost. The device will be of low maintenance and the initial cost is also low when regarding its use. It is a onetime installation and so no recurrent cost needed at the time of puncture.





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