International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Wire tensioners form a crucial part of winding equipment. The tensioner is used to deliver the wire by measuring the maximum tension that wire would tolerate. The quality of winding and productivity of winding machines depends on wire tensioners to a large extent. Usually, the tensioners used in winding application are completely manufactured mechanical with no/little electronics in it, which are not compatible and reliable for variable tensions and different diameter of wires. Since these tensioners are not flexible, for winding machines, alternatives based on Digital Signal Processors (DSP) or any appropriate Controllers are used. We are proposing a PIC Controller based tensioner that would deliver a constant tension with closed loop PID control at constant position of dancer arm mainly by using servomotor and stepper motor. This method is economical and easily scalable to any equivalent controller architecture. This work was supported by Synthesis Winding Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.





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