International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


The fundamental goal of energy management is to produce goods and provides services with least cost and least environmental effect. The objective of Energy Management is to achieve and maintain optimum energy procurement and utilization throughout the organization. The primary objective of Energy Audit is to determine ways to reduce energy consumption per unit of product output or to lower operating costs. This paper focuses on a case study for local energy Distribution Company urban division was taken and provides a “bench-mark” (Reference point) for managing energy in the organization and also provides the basis for planning a more effective use of energy throughout the organization. Testing and calibration of all the major equipments under the jurisdiction of urban division Kolhapur is studied. Energy auditing will assist in profit center approach at each level as indicated Level of auditing, Distribution Transformer, Zonal level, District Level, Circle Level. How there should be effectively application of Modernization of Distributions is studied. Also how there should be digital automation of distribution for Better quality of power, Better supply continuity, Stability in the voltage, Lower system losses, Minimize outage time and Better customer service is explained in the case study.





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