International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science


The Shot Boundary Detection (SBD) is an early step for most of the video applications involving understanding, indexing, characterization, or categorization of video. The SBD is temporal video segmentation and it has been an active topic of research in the area of content based video analysis. The research efforts have resulted in a variety of algorithms. The major methods that have been used for shot boundary detection include pixel intensity based, histogram-based, edge-based, and motion vectors based, technique. Recently researchers have attempted use of graph theory based methods for shot boundary detection. The proposed algorithm is one such graph based model and employs graph partition mechanism for detection of shot boundaries. Graph partition model is one of the graph theoretic segmentation algorithms, which offers data clustering by using a graph model. Pair-wise similarities between all data objects are used to construct a weighted graph represented as an adjacency matrix (weighted similarity matrix) that contains all necessary information for clustering. Representing the data set in the form of an edge-weighted graph converts the data clustering problem into a graph partitioning problem. The algorithm is experimented on sports and movie videos and the results indicate the promising performance.





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