International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science


Humans are the most advanced creatures of the nature. Accordingly it can be stated that humanoid robots are the most advanced creatures of human beings. Among the man-made systems such as automobile, hand-phones and multimedia devices, robots of future will hopefully be the most ideal assistants to human beings. During several decades of research, development projects aimed at building bipedal and humanoid robots has been increasing at a rapid rate. A brief review of current activities in the development of bipedal humanoid robotics is provided in this paper. The dynamic modelling of biped robotic system in the current trend is also described. The main objectives for using bipedal robots are introduced and bipedal locomotion as well as its dynamic behaviors in different fields are also considered. The use of dynamics of different kinds of mechanical systems in the field of humanoid robotics is also emphasized. Finally, a list of few projects in this field is provided.





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