International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science


The advent of wireless communications, both inside and outside the home-office environment has led to an Increased demand for effective encryption systems. The encryption of images is quite different from that of the texts due to the bulk data capacity and high redundancy of images. Traditional methods are difficult to handle the image encryption because of their small space of pseudo random sequence. At present, the chaotic maps have been widely used in image encryption for their extreme sensitivity to tiny changes of initial conditions. The chaos based algorithms have suggested a new and efficient way to deal with the problem of fast and highly secure image encryption. In this paper, we propose an algorithm in which two one-dimensional chaotic maps are used instead of a one-dimensional chaotic map. We also use an external secret key of 96-bits. Thereby it significantly increases the resistance to statistical and differential attacks. The results of experiment, statistical analysis, correlation coefficient analysis and key sensitivity tests show that the algorithm is of great security and practicability.



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