International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science


In order to protect valuable data from undesirable readers or against illegal reproduction and modifications, there have been various data encryption techniques. Many methods have been developed to perform image encryption. The use of chaotic map for image encryption is very effective, since it increase the security, due to its random behavior. The highly unpredictable and random-look nature of chaotic signals is the most attractive feature of deterministic chaotic systems that may lead to novel (engineering) applications. This paper introduces a new cascaded structure of chaotic encryption scheme with RC-5 algorithm. In this paper „Triple key‟ is used to encrypt and decrypt the data. Three different parameters which are decided by user are used to scramble the image data and so hackers get many difficulties to hack the data hence providing more security. Cascading RC-5 with triple key chaotic image encryption increases the security and the histogram can be made more uniform. For simulation MATLAB software is used. The experimental results shows that algorithm successfully perform the cryptography and highly sensitive to the small changes in key parameters.





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