International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science


There is a need for real-time copyright logo insertion in emerging applications, such as Internet protocol television (IPTV). This situation arises in IP-TV and digital TV broadcasting when video residing in a server has to be broadcast by different stations and under different broadcasting rights. Embedded systems that are involved in broadcasting need to have embedded copyright protection. Existing works are targeted towards invisible watermarking, not useful for logo insertion. MPEG-4 is the mainstream exchangeable video format in the Internet today because it has higher and flexible compression rate, lower bit rate, and higher efficiency while superior visual quality.The main steps for MPEG-4 are color space conversion and sampling, DCT and its inverse (IDCT), quantization, zigzag scanning, motion estimation, and entropy coding. In this work a watermarking algorithm that performs the broadcaster's logo insertion as watermark in the DCT domain is been presented. The robustness of DCT watermarking arises from the fact that if an attack tries to remove watermarking at mid frequencies, it will risk degrading the fidelity of the image\video because some perceptive details are at mid frequencies. The suggested methods has implemented in matlab.





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