International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science


The Indian postal system is the largest networks in the world. Being the 7th largest country in the world, major population of the country is rural based, where the basic amenities of life is a sweet dream. In such a scenario, having an efficient mail delivery system is essential. Hence, to eliminate the drawbacks in other processes, we propose to fully automate the sorting process. Unlike the code generation technique, it neither requires any human intervention to generate a code based on the pin code nor will be a problem in case of absence of the pin code. The principle used for sorting is the Optical Character Recognition using LabVIEW software. Camera, placed over the slide unit captures the image of the address. The pin code or the state (in the absence of the pin code) is selected and compared with a set of trained characters in the data base. On finding a positive match, based on the first two digits of the pin code or the first four letters of the state, the mail is segregated by the LabVIEW program involving OCR technique. The processed data is sent to the real time application by the DAQ card, which activates the actuating arm(servo motor) to allow the letters to move to the respective stack(zone) and thus sorting the mails automatically, reducing the human effort and errors.





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