International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science


This paper presents Local Binary pattern (LBP) as an approach for face recognition with the use of some global features also. Face recognition has received quite a lot of attention from researchers in biometrics, pattern recognition, and computer vision communities. The idea behind using the LBP features is that the face images can be seen as composition of micro-patterns which are invariant with respect to monotonic grey scale transformations and robust to factors like ageing. Combining these micro-patterns, a global description of the face image is obtained. Efficiency and the simplicity of the proposed method allows for very fast feature extraction giving better accuracy than the other algorithms. The proposed method is tested and evaluated on ORL datasets combined with other university dataset to give a good recognition rate and 89% classification accuracy using LBP only and 98% when global features are combined with LBP. The method is also tested for real images to give good accuracy and recognition rate. The experimental results show that the method is valid and feasible.





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