International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science


Similarity measures are widely used in various applications such as information retrieval, image and object recognition, text retrieval, and web data search. In this paper, we propose similarity-based methods for defect detection on patterned textures using five different similarity measures, viz., Normalized Histogram Intersection Coefficient, Bhattacharyya Coefficient, Pearson Product-moment Correlation Coefficient, Jaccard Coefficient and Cosine-angle Coefficient. Periodic blocks are extracted from each input defective image and similarity matrix is obtained based on the similarity coefficient of histogram of each periodic block with respect to itself and other all periodic blocks. Each similarity matrix is transformed into dissimilarity matrix containing true-distance metrics and Ward’s hierarchical clustering is performed to discern between defective and defect-free blocks. Performance of the proposed method is evaluated for each similarity measure based on precision, recall and accuracy for various real fabric images with defects such as broken end, hole, thin bar, thick bar, netting multiple, knot, and missing pick.



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