International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science


In this paper, a zone based features are extracted from handwritten Kannada Vowels and English uppercase Character images for their recognition. A Total of 4,000 handwritten Kannada and English sample images are collected for classifications. The collected images are normalized into 32 x 32 dimensions. Then the normalized images are divided into 64 zones and their pixel densities are calculated, generating a total of 64 features. These 64 features are submitted to KNN and SVM classifiers with 2 fold cross validation for recognition of the said characters. The proposed algorithm works for individual Kannada vowels, English uppercase alphabets and mixture of both the characters. The recognition accuracy of 92.71% for KNN and 96.00% for SVM classifiers are achieved in case of handwritten Kannada vowels and 97.51% for KNN and 98.26% for SVM classifiers are obtained in case of handwritten English uppercase alphabets. Further, the recognition accuracy of 95.77% and 97.03% is obtained for mixed characters (i.e. Kannada Vowels and English uppercase alphabets). Hence, the proposed algorithm is efficient for the said characters recognition. The proposed algorithm is independent of thinning and slant of the characters and is the novelty of the proposed work.



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