International Journal of Image Processing and Vision Science

Aims & Scope

A wide range of topics in the image understanding area is covered but not limited to the following:

Topic Coverage

IJIPVS shall cover the following areas but not limited to:
Mathematical, physical and computational aspects of computer vision such as image formation, processing, analysis, and interpretation.
Machine learning techniques
Statistical and probabilistic approaches.
Biologically and perceptually motivated approaches to low level vision Image-based rendering
Robotics and Robot Vision
Photo interpretation
Image retrieval
Video analysis and annotation,
Multi-media and scene modeling
Object recognition and tracking
Shape analysis, monitoring and surveillance
Active vision and robotic systems
SLAM, motion analysis
Stereo vision
Document image understanding, character and handwritten text recognition
Face and gesture recognition
Biometrics and surveillance security
Vision-based human-computer interaction
Human activity and behavior understanding
Data fusion from multiple sensor inputs
Image databases, medical image analysis and understanding
Aerial scene analysis and remote sensing
Vehicle guidance, image-based rendering
Computer graphics, robotics, photo interpretation
Image retrieval, video analysis and annotation, multi-media, and more.
Computational models of the human visual system
Early vision, data structures and representations needed for high-level vision
Learning with visual inputs
Connections with human perception
Computational and architectural aspects of human vision