International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


The extension of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is possible in automation and control devices and systems. This paper review introduction to life cycle data acquisition (LCDA) scheme, an idea that can be technology transferred to automation and control field. The scheme is implemented at the device as well as system level. Exemplar platforms that are chosen for experimentation again are sensors, actuators, a process control system and autonomous machine system such as guided vehicle and the life or operational data were recorded. This paper is the extension of the previous presentations. The life-cycle data variables called data objects and related terms are used in order to maintain consistency. However, the way they are interfaced with the devices and systems are considered optimal. That is, in this research the data objects are firmwared in order to deal with real-time constraints. This attempt in implementation through new tools and design strategy is a new methodology and the results obtained through such procedure are new. It is convincing that the LCDA scheme can improve sustainability, availability, reliability as well as safety of the automation and control systems. Moreover, the LCDA scheme can support LCA attributes such as Design for Environment (DfE) facilitating the emerging green technology and systems. It is also expected that recording of life cycle data can assist in the design of new generation of the devices used in the automation and control applications.





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