International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


Now a day’s automation is in every field, although there are many places automation has been emerged and successfully implemented but still the service provider for energy still uses conventional methods for getting the energy consumed by individual customer. This method is very time consuming and un- economical and may lead to human error. Our proposed system (AMR) will automatically send the data of the digital energy meter to the service provider with the help the help of the GSM modem once in a day and hence the system will report the service provider once in a through SMS. The same system can be used to check the last reading consumed by the consumer, when demanded by user through the same GSM modem .The device can also be used to control the load from both the ends that is (user –service provider) with the help of relay circuit and system will also be provided with an LCD display which will update the consumers with different information’s regarding tariff change or sudden power cut .



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