International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


The purpose of this experiment is to study heat transfer characteristics of water through pool boiling over a flat stainless steel plate heater. The present experimental data of water is in good agreement with Stephen and Abdelsalam correlation (1980) with the given heat flux range 30-750 kW/m2. Without any modification in the Stephen and Abdelsalam correlation (1980), it is observed that the experimental data of water are within an error band of ± 20 percent, this is because of the Stephen and Abdelsalam correlation (1980) predicts their own data in an error band of 11.3 percent. In order to minimize the error band, the pool boiling experimental data of water have been analyzed by regression analysis using Stephen and Abdelsalam correlation (1980) and the powers and coefficient of the terms in the correlation are modified and the optimum values of the power index and coefficient which gives the minimum error band of ± 10 is obtained.



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