International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


The paper describe the comparative performance of single cylinder diesel engine with direct use of cotton seed oil methyl ester and preheated condition at variable temperature such as 50, 70 and 90oC.The properties such as viscosity, flash point, pour point were experimentally measured of COME, thus obtained are comparable with ASM biodiesel standards. The COME has been tested in single cylinder four stroke diesel engine coupled with rope brake dynamometer, such as BSFC, BTE, B.S.E.C. are calculated and exhaust gas temperature were measured. The experiment was carried out varying load at constant speed. The results revealed that preheating COME up to 90oC at higher load lead to increase in brake thermal efficiency is 2 % as compared to diesel fuel and brake specific fuel consumption increases at higher load as compared to diesel fuel. There is no significant change found in brake power where as exhaust gas temperature of all preheated biodiesel COME is high and break specific energy consumption required to preheat COME is high as compared to diesel. However, the optimum conditions for biodiesel production are suggested in this paper. A maximum of 76% biodiesel was produced with 20% methanol in presence of 0.5%pottasium hydroxide.



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