International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


The current trend very well signifies that the world is losing all its fossil fuels at a rapid pace. The main solution to get rid of this problem is to effectively make use of the Renewable Energy Sources available around us. Solar energy is one such renewable source of energy available and is encouraged to be used in every country for its sustainability. However, the energy source and the demand do not match each other, especially in solar heating applications. So at present, energy storage is the main focus in any solar heating and cooling system. Solar radiation is a time dependent energy source with an intermittent character. The main aim of this work is to analyze the charging and discharging performance of solar thermal energy storage system with phase change materials (PCMs) and to investigate the appropriate method of enhancement of heat transfer from fin to PCM and PCM to heat transfer fluid (HTF). The utilization of PCM in the heat storage is investigated experimentally for convective heat transfer between the PCM and air. The selected PCM, Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate worked well in the practical range of temperature of around 110C for a variety of domestic and industrial applications.





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