International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


Enclosures are frequently encountered in practice, and heat transfer through them is of practical interest. Heat transfer in enclosed space is complicated by the fact that fluid in the enclosure, in general, does not remain constant. The fluid adjacent to the hotter surface rises and the fluid adjacent to the cooler one falls, setting a rotionary motion within the enclosure that enhances the heat transfer through the enclosure. This paper describes a numerical predication of heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics inside an enclosure bounded by horizontal wavy walls and two periodic straight vertical walls. Governing equation were discretized using an implicit finite difference method, based on finite volume approach. Simulation was carried out for a range of Rayleigh number (104-106) and Aspect ratio (0.35-0.75) for the fluid having Prandtl number 0.71. Results are presented by streamlines, isotherms and local Nusselt numbers. It is observed that flow and thermal field inside the enclosure are affected by the shape of enclosure and heat transfer rate increases as Rayleigh number increase.



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