International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


The primary aim of this project is to develop and atomize the solar farmers pump (water pump) considering the power supply, direct current (DC), Alternating current (AC), inverter frequency, a well, water level in the well, submersible monoblock pump. Here we introduce an advanced technique with GSM module. The solar pumps which work by utilizing the energy from the SOLAR ARRAYS and the power from the PV are stored in a battery. The power from the battery is inverted and given to the pump for irrigation. This pump is also controlled by the GSM module. The use of GSM mode is to start and stop working of pumps using mobile phone; the water level monitoring is also done by the GSM mode which this also provides the message for each hour. This is done with the embedded C in PIC16F877A microcontroller. The main advantage of this project is optimizing the power and also saving government’s free subsidiary electricity (22% of total power production in India). This proves an efficient and economy way of irrigation and this will automate the agriculture sector.





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