International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


The design, Fabrication of 1Kvar 1-phase fixed capacitor-thyristor controlled reactor (FC-TCR) type SVC based on microcontroller have been developed in the laboratory for SMSL(Single Machine Single Load) Test System. The test system is setup in the laboratory with a 3-phase Synchronous Machine of 5kva capacity and a 1-phase Induction Motor of 1HP Rating. Brake test have been performed on the Induction Motor by taking the supply from one of the phases of Synchronous Generator. The bus voltage is fall down from 230 V to 195 V on Full Load. Automatic control circuit Hardware of this SVC have been designed and fabricated based on Microcontroller LPC 2148 chip, the most modern industrial controller. The same test system also has been tested with SVC automatic control circuit and experimental results have been presented in this paper. The P-V Curves of the SMSL Test system with and without SVC Control have been plotted which shows the effectiveness of Automatic control of SVC on Voltage Stability enhancement.





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