International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


In this paper performance of flyback converter by using PID controller and Fuzzy controller are studied, compared and analyzed. The above study is done for 200W, 230V A.C input 48V DC output. Design of fuzzy controller is based on the heuristic knowledge of converter behaviour, and tuning of fuzzy inference requires some expertise to minimize unproductive trial and error. The design of PID control is based on the frequency response of the converter. For the DC-DC converters, the performance of the fuzzy controller was superior in some respects to that of the PID controller. The fuzzy controller is easily to develop, they cover a wide range of operating conditions, and they are more readily customizable in natural language terms. Simulation is done in Matlab environment to show the performance variations of above mentioned converters using both Fuzzy & PID controllers.





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