International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


A technology lying largely unused since World War II has suddenly caught the attention of the whole world. The emergence of the industry led global RFID standard has accelerated the adoption of this new technology across sectors. It has helped to fully unlock and open existing opportunities and business applications responsive to today’s global needs. Design, Development and implementation of computer-based information systems and associated communication networks have led to the deployment and usage of this wireless technology. According to MCKINSEY & COMPANY, “Railways in India is a sunrise industry! Indian Railways has got the status of super ‘JEWEL’. The Indian Railways (IR) is a truly great institution. It is a global giant that operates profitably, effectively and with relatively little government support”. The vastness of railways – cars, cargo, track, countries and conditions – presents a massive challenge for management of rolling stock and rail operations. Intellectual Property and Innovation Company’s( IPICO’s) low cost, passive RF technology enables consistently accurate identification and control of assets in virtually any operating environment. This paper tries to scrutinize the loopholes that exist in the system and examines the modus operandi of RFID technology to address such problems.



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