International Journal of Instrumentation Control and Automation


In the last decade the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have boomed in many sectors, such as business, education, commerce and have profound implications for the tourism industry. They are being used extensively in a great variety of functions and count innumerable applications. Among these, Decision Support System (DSS) plays a fundamental role for their capacity to give tourist managing their tours and to base all the decisions concerning to queries on the climate, road conditions, cultural aspects, lodging, health facilities, banking, etc. of the location to be visited on sound and rational bases. In the present paper, a Web-Based Tourist Decision Support System (WTDSS) for Agra City has been developed that allows the traveling community to find their route in city and ask for information about sights, accommodations and other places of interest which are near by to him to improve the convenience, safety and efficiency of travel.



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