International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems

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Development of Medium Power High Efficiency Multi-Level Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter


Power DC/DC converters or regulators form the backbone of different portable electronic devices like cellular phones, laptops, portable electronic devices which are using batteries as their power supply. Portable devices usually comprise of several sub-circuits that should be supplied with different voltage levels, which are not the same as battery’s voltage level which is the main supply voltage. A new approach of buck-boost converter is presented in this paper, that automatically detects the zero-inductor current & compels the convertor to deliberately switch from Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) to Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM), once the inductor current attempts towards negative values, restricting the inductor current to approach towards negative value, and thus enhancing the convertor's performance and efficiency at low load conditions. The converter steps down 200 V input voltage to 187 V and steps up to 211 V simultaneously at 100 Ω load resistance using PSIM software at switching frequency of 100 KHz. The comprehensive analysis of the topology is carried out and the simulated results are compared with the earlier designs at variable loads to verify the performance of the converter.