International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


With the advent of the VLSI technology, designers could design simple chips with the more number of transistors. multipliers have large area, long latency and consume considerable power. Reduction of power consumption makes a device reliable. and The use of redundant binary (RB) arithmetic in the design of high-speed digital multipliers is beneficial due to its high modularity and carry-free addition, a high-radix-modified booth encoding algorithm is desired. However its use is hampered by the complexity of generating the hard multiples and the overheads resulting from negative multiples and normal binary(NB) to RB conversion. This paper proposes new RB booth encoding scheme to circumvent these problems. The idea is to polarize two adjacent booth encoded digits to directly from an RB partial product to avoid the hard multiple of high-radix booth encoding without incurring any correction vector, and the algorithm achieved high speed compared to existing multiplication algorithms for a gamut of power –of-to word lengths up to 64 b.





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