International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


In this paper, two novel defected ground structures (DGS) are proposed to improve the return loss, compactness, gain and radiation efficiency of rectangular microstrip patch antenna. The performance of antenna is characterized by the shape, dimension & the location of DGS at specific position on ground plane. By incorporating a peacock shaped slot of optimum geometries at suitable location on the ground plane, return loss is enhanced from -23.89 dB to -43.79 dB, radiation efficiency is improved from 97.66% to 100% and compactness of 9.83% is obtained over the traditional antenna .Simulation results shows that the patch antenna with star shaped DGS can improve the impedance matching with better return loss of -35.053 dB from -23.89 dB and compactness of 9% is achieved. In the end comparison of both DGS shapes is carried out to choose one best optimize one. The proposed antennas are simulated and analyzed using Ansoft HFSS (version 11.1) software.





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