International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


The scope of this proposed system is to implement the architecture of a multi-sensor robot. Reduction of the human activities in dangerous environment is the first objective of employing the autonomous mobile robots in many applications. bomb detection is a risky action that can be done by either human or robot. The implemented robot is an autonomous four wheels system that is designed to detect the bombs, hazardous leakage gases, humidity and high temperature and sending it to a remote location and visualized in SCADA type application. Wireless connection is established between the general controller on the robot and the control room. A personal computer (PC) acts as the general controller which is responsible for mapping the bombs, hazardous conditions and determining some general settings for local controller. The local controller navigates the robot based on the feedbacks from several sensors to detect the barriers and bombs. The camera is attached to the robot which continuously capturing the surrounding areas and sending the same video data wirelessly with the separate channel to the control room simultaneously. If it detects any hazardous conditions, alarm should be activated manually/ automatically, which alerts people to vacate that area immediately.





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