International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


Navigation systems have been used for quite a long to support human perception of surrounding environment beyond reach of eyes. The same concept has also been applied to aid the people who are limited with the vision. Many electronics gadgets are developed to improve the vision perception of blind people. The electronic devices available for the aid of blinds are often complex, needs training sessions and come at much higher cost. This research aims at finding a reliable and easy to implement solution for visually challenged persons at a very small cost. This paper is an effort to report a comprehensive method to design, characterize and test electronics system based on image matching, radar and ultrasound sensor principles for the aid of blind persons. The simulation results showed good accuracy for identifying objects. Simulations were carried out in MATLAB and images of test objects were acquired by using NI-LabVIEW platform. The main objectives were to acquire an image of obstacle, identify it, measure a distance from current location and finally convert text into synthesized voice. Finding is expected to be supportive to the vision affected people.



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