International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


In mobile communication, a less explored technique to mitigate fading effects is based on the physical parameter of the transmitter by varying the physical dimension of the transmitting antenna. This paper deals with a self adaptive system to eliminate severe fading effects in different multi antenna set-ups by adaptively updating the effective aperture of the transmitting antenna. The system changes the effective aperture of the transmitting antenna to adapt to a previously set system parameter. We consider here Single input-single output (SISO), Single input-multi output (SIMO), Multi input-single output (MISO), and Multi input-multi output (MIMO) system with three different modulation schemes - BPSK, DPSK and QAM. Finally, the system performance is analyzed for the different set-ups in terms of Bit error rate (BER). We will see that our results show significantly better performance.



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