International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


WIMAX wireless communication is based on ofdm technology which enables going towards 4G Based on IEEE 802.16d-2004. But the reliability of ofdm is limited with the problems of time varying nature of the channel. This can reduced by adding cyclic prefix or guard interval between each block of data symbols. This guard interval minimizes the spectral efficiency in ofdm system. Recently, it was proved that discrete wavelet transform in ofdm system will reduce the isi Inter carrier interference, which is produced by loss of ortho-gonality between carriers and also provides more spectrum efficiency. It is found that proposed wavelet design achieves much lower bit error rates, Increases signal to noise power ratio (SNR), and can be used as an alternative to the Conventional OFDM WIMAX. The proposed OFDM system was modeled tested, and its Performance was found under different International Telecommunications Union (ITU Channel models.





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