International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


In This Paper we present a real time domain obstacle detection system for the visually impaired persons to improve their mobility in daily life with the help of obstacle detection sensor installed in their walking stick .System is having a lower cost so it is easily purchasable so it can have a major significance in life of visually impaired persons. This Paper proposes a system to detect any object attached to the floor regardless to their height [1]. Obstacle on the floor in the front of user can be reliably detected in real time using the proposed system implemented by the IR sensor installed on the walk stick of the visually impaired person. Project also contains a navigation system for visually impaired persons to make the life of such persons easier up to some extent. This project is suited for the area where the possibility of blind person is high (like blind school, college)[6]. For transport facility of blind we have first decided the common bus roots of blind then we have placed RF tag to all those buses with unique code. At the second side we have placed RF reader, microcontroller and voice processor. The RF reader receive unique code, microcontroller process this code with defined code, if match found, voice processor get activated and starts speaking bus name, initial destination and final destination. The obstacle detection is also included in the project with voice. The system aims at increasing the mobility of visually impaired people by offering new sensing abilities.





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