International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


Fingerprint or Face Image enhancement using Gabor filter is one of highly computational complexity in fingerprint verification process. Gabor filter has a complex valued convolution kernel and a data format with complex values is used. So implementing Gabor filter is very significant in fingerprint verification process. Designing Gabor filter will help enhancing the quality of fingerprint image. In fingerprint recognition, Gabor filter optimally capture both local orientation and frequency information from a fingerprint image. By tuning a Gabor filter to specific frequency and direction, the local frequency and orientation information can be obtained. Thus, it is suited for extracting texture information from images. This paper presents the implementation of 2-D Gabor Filter design using Verilog HDL. This paper details important enhancement made to the 2D -Digital Gabor filter to minimize the sizing problem and the coding style that synthesizable. The intention is to study, analyze, simplify and improvise the design synthesis efficiency and accuracy while maintaining the same functionality. The result provides area efficiency architecture for the effective design.



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