International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


This paper enumerates low power, high speed design of flip-flop having less number of transistors and only one transistor being clocked by short pulse train which is true single phase clocking (TSPC) flip-flop. Compared to Conventional flip-flop, it has 5 Transistors and one transistor clocked, thus has lesser size and lesser power consumption. It can be used in various applications like digital VLSI clocking system, buffers, registers, microprocessors etc. The analysis for various flip flops and latches for power dissipation and propagation delays at 0.13μm and 0.35μm technologies is carried out. The leakage power increases as technology is scaled down. The leakage power is reduced by using best technique among all run time techniques viz. MTCMOS. Thereby comparison of different conventional flip-flops, latches and TSPC flip-flop in terms of power consumption, propagation delays and product of power dissipation and propagation delay with SPICE simulation results is presented.



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