International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


Proposed is a smart, reliable and robust algorithm for motion detection, tracking and activity analysis. Background subtraction is considered intelligent algorithms for the same. We use this to track the motion and monitor the movements of the subject in question. Mount the web camera focused to the patient. PC should have a unique external Internet IPAddress. Android mobile phone should be GPRS enabled. GSM technology is used for sending SMS. It is a client-server technology wherein client captures the images, checks for motion if any, discards the packets until motion is detected. Use background subtraction algorithm to check the motion. The surveillance camera does not move and has a capture of the static background it is facing. It uses image subtraction to determine object motion. It provides more reliable information about moving object, but it is so sensitivity to the dynamic changes such as lighting. Once motion is detected, camera stops monitoring further motion. Instead, it starts capturing the video. Simultaneously, SMS alert is sent to the responsible doctors and also alerting the medical staff with audio speaker in the hospital. Java mail API is used to mail the captured video to the entered e-mail IDs. Once the doctor demands for video, socket is established between the PC and the mobile phone and video (series of images) are streamed to the doctor’s mobile phone. Save live video of first few seconds at the server end for future use. Activate alert at the remote end.



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