International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


This paper has proposal to develop audio-video synchronization in the bit-stream syntax using the Slice type and Macro-Block usage. The Media file like MP4, MOV and M4Vcontainer formats consists of both Audio and Video packed as tracks. The Video is encoded in H.264 format while Audio is encoded in AAC formats. There is a common way to achieve synchronization by looking into the type of Slice and the type of MB. This can be achieved by scanning across all the atoms present within the Media data. Time synchronization can be achieved by taking input from the Sample to Time atoms and feeding the data into Auxiliary units. The Slice type plays important role for synchronization as the decode order and display order for Video are different and sufficient time is taken to decode the video based on Profile, Level, type and number of Macroblocks for High profile. So the synchronization can be achieved for a Program stream or a Digital storage medium playback by synchronizing the formats based on type of slice information.



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