International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


In this paper we have investigated printed monopole antennas, which is basically a printed micro strip antenna with etched ground plane for multi-band applications. In particular we have fabricated and tested printed monopole antennas for L-band and S-band applications. Printed rectangular monopole antennas are studied first for L-band applications. In high performance aircraft, spacecraft, satellite, missile and consumer electronics applications, where weight, cost, performance, ease of installation, and aerodynamic profile are constraints, low profile antennas may be required. Presently there are many other government and commercial applications, such as mobile radio and wireless communications that have similar specification. To meet these requirements, micro strip patch antennas can be used. These antennas are low profile, conformable to planar and non planar surfaces, simple and inexpensive to manufacture. In this thesis mainly we have designed Rectangular printed monopole antenna and U-shape Printed monopole antennas for L-band and S-bands applications. The final structures are presented in this report after doing an extensive simulation study and analysis and presented relevant results.



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