International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


This paper presents the design and development of an online monitoring system that collects data over time or distance with a built-in instrument or sensors. Currently, an online data collection system (Vehicle Data logger) from general vehicle is not available in the market. Only the vehicles’ manufacturers have the tool to access the engine ECU to monitor the vehicle’s data. Current available automotives meter are display an estimated but inaccurate speed, engine revolution, fuel and temperature data. This paper developed to record the speed of vehicle, engine revolution (rpm), engine temperature, fuel volume and distance parameters. The software design of ASIC has been developed to implement a sophisticated data viewing methods. The program utilized new framework based on track segmenting to better organize data, instantly provides summaries of segment data and attempts to better display the driving performance. The characteristic of fuel sender (to determine fuel volume in Litre) and temperature sender (to determine engine temperature in Celsius) is downloaded to FPGA. All the recorded information are saved in Application IC chip(8051 IC), which can be reset after load the information to the(personal computer) PC using UART communication. All the measurements were carried out on selected road track as the field test of total trips about 3 kilometers.



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