International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


Brain signals are important in diagnosing various disorders and abnormalities in the human body. These signals are recorded by scalp electrodes and are called as EEG signals. EEG signals are a mixture of signals from different brain regions which contain artefacts along with original information. These contaminated mixtures are analysed such that diagnosis of various diseases is possible. One of the effective methods available is Independent Component Analysis (ICA) for removing artefacts and for separation and analysis of the desired sources from within the EEGs. This paper focuses on the analysis of EEG signals using ICA approach. Two ICA algorithms- Pearson ICA and JADE ICA are analysed in this paper. Comparison of these ICA algorithms in removing artefacts from EEG has been carried out by simulation using MATLAB. Then the Pearson ICA algorithm simulation is done using Visual C#. The algorithm has been implemented in an Embedded Development Kit (EDK) using .NET Micro Framework and the results are presented.



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