International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems

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In this paper we have proposed a new digital lock model which is primarily designed for low cost intermediate security purpose. Even though there are digital locks available this one is designed keeping the common man in mind. It will be the first digital locking system that would be available at a price less than 700 rupees. The recent increase in burglary levels proves the fact that the lever locking system is no more reliable and effective, but on the other hand the present digital locks are around 3000 rupees making it over priced. So this clearly shows the need for an intermediate effective digital locking system. Our novel digital locking system is aimed exactly to solve the above stated problem. Our model is an outcome of embedded system and can works using an 8051 microcontroller interfaced with a 16*2 lcd to perform logical operations. The input is given by the user using 3*3 matrixes key padded system. The locking system consist of a power lock which is widely used in automobiles, it primarily consist of an dc motor which on rotating moves the lever back and forth depending on the direction of rotation. The interrupt pins are used to clear the buzzer which is connected to port 3 pins which thereby notifies the user immediately in case of theft or burglary.