International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


As mobile computing gains popularity, the need for Ad-hoc network will continue to grow. The mobile Ad-hoc network is an autonomous system of mobile wireless nodes connected dynamically without any preexisting infrastructure. Here, the nodes are mobile, hence the network topology changes rapidly and unpredictable over time.Here we proposed the mesh based On Demand multicast Routing protocol (OMDRP), in OMDRP the mesh created by using route request and route reply packets. After the mesh we create the cluster, Clustering is a method which aggregates nodes into groups. These groups are contained within the network and they are known as clusters. In mesh we find the multipaths from source to destinations. In that multipaths again we choose one QoS path depending on minimum delay required to reach the destination. In this paper we use the fuzzy scheduling algorithm to schedule the data packets based on their respective priority index,which will improve the network performance. The presented fuzzy scheduler for mobile Ad-hoc networks,determine the priority of the packets. The proposed fuzzy logic scheduling method is simulated by using Cprogramming language. The propsed scheme is better the without fuzzy priority scheduling system.



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