International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


Brain Computer Interface is a system that translates the electrical activity of the brain into commands which can control devices in real time applications, enabling the disabled people to communicate with the outside world. In this paper we focus on P300 based real time application where the users’ difficulty in communicating with the external environment is made easier. The P300 Event Related Potential (ERP) are natural responses of the brain to some specific stimuli. A person who is paralysed or bedridden needs full care and attention. This means that a care team will likely be working together (including family, friends, nurses and other professional help). Because of this, it is important to make sure that every or any one of the care team member should always be there with the patient. If there occurs a situation where the patient is in need and the care taker is not present with them, our work finds a solution for this problem using BCI technology. In this concept we use a CRT or LED monitor placed infront of the user where different images are displayed. These images represent the basic needs of the paralysed person. When the user is in need of some requirements they can gaze at the images displayed on the monitor. Meanwhile the signals generated during this event is processed and the output is given to the desired applications. Thus this paper eases the users difficulty in meeting their basic needs.



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