International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


Carrier Interferometry Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (CI-COFDM) system has been widely studied in multi-carrier communication system. The CI-COFDM system spreads each coded information symbol across all N sub-carriers using orthogonal CI spreading codes. The CI-COFDM system shows the advantages of Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) reduction, frequency diversity and coding gain without any loss of communication throughput. On the other side, a great attention has been devoted to Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) antenna systems and space-time-frequency processing. In this paper, we focus on two Transmit (Tx)/one Receive (Rx) antennas configuration and evaluate the performance of MIMO OFDM, MIMO CIOFDM and MIMO CI-COFDM systems. Space Frequency Block Coding (SFBC) is applied to MIMO OFDM, MIMO CI-ODFM and MIMO CI-COFDM systems. For CI-COFDM realization, digital implemented CI-COFDM is used in which information conventional is encoded, CI code spreading operation and carrier allocation are processed by IFFT type operation. From simulation results, it is shown that MIMO SFBC CI-COFDM reduces PAPR significantly as compared with that of MIMO SFBC CI-OFDM and MIMO SFBC OFDM systems. In Narrow Band Interference (NBI) channel MIMO SFBC CI-COFDM systems achieve considerable Bit Error Rate (BER) improvement compared with MMO SFBC CI-OFDM and MIMO SFBC OFDM system.



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