International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


The introduction of the flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) in the power system reduces the losses, reduces the cost of the generation, improves the stability and also improves the load capability of the system. Some application of the Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) technologies to existing high voltage power system has proves the use of FACTS technology may be a cost effective option for power delivery system enhancement. Amongst various power electronic devices unified power flow controller (UPFC) may be considered to be a capable of regulating the power flow and minimizing the power loss simultaneously. Since for the cost effective application of the FACTS technology a proper selection of the number and the placement of these devices is required. The main aim of this paper is to propose the methodology based on the genetic algorithm, able to identify the optimal number and the location of the UPFC devices in an assigned power system network for maximizing system capabilities. In order to validate the usefulness of the approach suggested here is , a case study using a IEEE 30-bus power system is presented and discussed.



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