International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


In this paper, fuzzy c-means algorithm uses neural network algorithm is presented. In pattern recognition, fuzzy clustering algorithms have demonstrated advantage over crisp clustering algorithms to group the high dimensional data into clusters. The proposed work involves two steps. First, a recently developed and Enhanced Kmeans Fast Leaning Artificial Neural Network (KFLANN) frame work is used to determine cluster centers. Secondly, Fuzzy C-means uses these cluster centers to generate fuzzy membership functions. Enhanced K-means Fast Learning Artificial Neural Network (KFLANN) is an algorithm which produces consistent classification of the vectors in to the same clusters regardless of the data presentation sequence. Experiments are conducted on two artificial data sets Iris and New Thyroid. The result shows that Enhanced KFLANN is faster to generate consistent cluster centers and utilizes these for elicitation of efficient fuzzy memberships.



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