International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


A power transformer is most significant and extremely important element in the power utility industry. Transformers are key-stone in transmission and distribution system. The failure of power transformer causes the interruption of power supply, huge financial loss. Failure coming without warning is responsible for large economic losses and unscheduled outage. In the absence of transformers components monitoring and diagnostics, the failure risk always remain high. The System abnormalities such as over loading, frequent switching, sever weather condition and poor maintains normally contribute to accelerated aging. The lack of proper monitoring and diagnostics leads to high risk of failure. Diagnostics and proper monitoring plays key role in the life expectancy of proper transformer. Mineral oil in transformer is the inseparable component of the dielectric insulation system. In this paper a new diagnostic technique for power transformer diagnostics known as uv spectrophotometry for transformer oil analysis has been discussed. This paper presents basic information about uv spectrophotometer, sampling and testing of transformer oil. Based on the spectrophotometer results and their subsequent analysis condition of transformer oil can be predicted



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