International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems


The paper presents a novel VLSI architecture for high-speed data compressor designs which implement the X-Match algorithm. This design involves important trade off that affects the compression performance, latency, and throughput. The most promising approach is implemented into FPGA hardware. This device typical compression ratio that halves the original uncompressed data. This device is specifically targeted to enhance the performance of Gbits/s data networks and storage applications where it can double the performance of the original systems. To get high compression rate or to get high data rate of communication not restriction to follow the parallel architecture of data compression. By using existing method the main draw backs are 1. Variation in compression 2. Throughput, 3.Latency, 4.High space, 5. High power. So by using this proposed method we can reduce the variation in the compression, latency and increase through put. And this novel VLSI architecture has a power consumption of 81mwatts power



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