International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


The demand of electricity is continuously increasing due to increase in population and urbanisation. Due to shortage of transmission and generation facilities there is greater use of present resources. The present transmission lines are overloaded which make the system prone to stability problems. So, there is a need to use the existing system in a better way to save huge expenses in the erection of new lines and system. In the proposed work the power flow is increased by implementing power electronics-based series FACTS device- TCSC using five different methods. They are firing by TCR pulse generator, using control subsystem based on RS Flip Flop, using Synchronised six (PG) pulse generator, using Thyristor -6 pulse generator with PLL, and Pulse generator (PG) block of MATLAB. Next problem discussed here is the power quality. The power quality of the system is polluted due to use of common harmonic loads like computers, motor drives, arc and induction furnaces, battery charges, rectifiers, induction heating equipment. Here also, TCSC is used to enhance the power flow and power quality of the system. In the present work is shown here that the active power at the receiving end is enhanced using the above different methods. The THD analysis of the system is done in the present work using all the different methods.





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