International Journal of Electronics and Electical Engineering


In this work, The drawback of Patch Antenna was impedance bandwidth. For this purpose, Rectangular microstrip patch antenna loaded with metamaterial structure has been proposed for improving the bandwidth by using CST MICROWAVE STUDIO in this paper. The proposed antenna is designed at a height 3.2 from the ground plane by using CST MICROWAVE STUDIO. The bandwidth of Microstrip patch antenna is 12 .1MHz and return loss is -10.36 dB at a band.The bandwidth of desired antenna is increased up 61.7 MHz at 2.925 GHz and 27 MHz at 1.965 GHz. The return loss of proposed antenna is reduced up to -35.55db at 2.925 GHz and -29 db at 1.965 GHz. This proposed design has small size, easy to fabricate and better directivity.





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